Live From Main Street Minneapolis: Getting Heard This Election Season

What Stands Between the Public and a True Story?

What does it take to get heard in the era of big media and diminished civil liberties? Join us as we talk with journalists, national leaders and Minneapolis locals and explore how everyday people are confronting these challenges and working to get the truth out far and wide.

Inspired by the work of everyday activists, Live From Main Street’s premiere town hall will take place in downtown Minneapolis at the close of the National Conference for Media Reform. We’ll talk to reporters speaking from personal experience to find out what stories get told in the age of corporate media, and which get cut out of fear and favor. We’ll explore how independent media is flourishing in the face of growing challenges. LFMS will also look at Federal Government censorship and the PATRIOT Act. What do these restrictions mean for the press and dissenters trying to speak out? And, how are these issues playing out locally around plans for this Fall’s Republican National Convention in Minneapolis and Saint Paul?


Amy Goodman, Host of Democracy Now!
John Nichols, Washington Correspondent for The Nation
Malkia Cyril, Director of The Center for Media Justice
Colleen Rowley, FBI Whistle Blower and2006 Congressional Candidate
Joel Kramer, Founder of The Minneapolis Post
Paul Schmelzer, Managing Editor of Minnesota Monitor
Marlina Gonzalez, Program Director of the Unconvention and Intermedia Arts
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